She is Moist Mother Earth, Goddess of Fertility and Midwifery. The Goddesses of Slovakia are often portrayed as a Triple Goddess, embodying Mother, Maiden and Crone. In the Spring, her embodiment as Maslenitsa is shown as a life sized corn dollie and driven around the village to bring fertility to the fields. The birds represent the return of the Spring to the land; straw images of larks invoke the Spring Goddess.

As Moist Mother Earth, Mokosz spins flax and wool at night, and shears the sheep. Strands of fleece are laid beside the stove as an offering to her. She can be invoked in August at the dawn in the fields, by offering hemp oil to the four quarters. She is a benevolent Goddess.

Mokosz, or Mati-Syra-Zenla Slovakian Mother Goddess